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A„rh»r Hflgnouth Hbrtlj n a « No *97**.fr? 

Hie-h School o^-ny 1 
Title Ye-T bo oV 

aW rti auLth >\oriln l\\cf^ School 


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Fredrick A. Mofrissey 
In Memoriarn 

He was a man who deeply touched all he met. a 
warehouse of knowledge with its doors flung open 
at all times. 

He had a unique verve and charm. He could 
carry a whip and a rose with no seeming contra- 
diction, and his voice had a personality of its own 
whether advising, analyzing or chastising. 

He wcrked with excited passion, with a world 
problem or a problem kid. trying diligently to find 
answers for both. 

At times he had a gruff exterior, but his thoughts 
and his concerns, within, were for his fellow teachers 
and his students well-being and enrichment. 

For ten years he labored with us. placing all he 
posessed. his intellect, his enthusiasm, his wit. his 
perscverence and his heart, into his work. 

H e all mourn the loss of a man who was a true 
friend to us all. 

May we remember him in our thoiights and our 

Donald F. Gavin 






Nanci D. Abbott, Ski Club. 

David I. Affsa, Dave likes hockey, 
sports, and cars. He plans to persue 
carpentry after graduation. 

lohn W. Agnew, Spiro likes music 

and coin collecting. 

Lynda A. Alemian, JMSVC, Latin 
Club, Russian Club, Drama Club, 
Conservation Club, Nominating 
Committee, Journal, Future 
Teachers, Rainbow, Reflections, 

yearbook. Lyn collects foreign 

Ricbacd ). Alukonis 
Steven R. Ambler 



Nanci D. Abbott 

David I. Affsa 

/ohn W. Agnew 

Lynda A. Alemian 

Richard j. Alukonis 

Steven R. Ambler 


Gail M. Anderson 

Robert W. Anderton 

Ronald R. Andrews 

Gail M. Anderson, Student Coun- 
cil, Gymnastics Team, Cheer- 
leader, National Honor Society. 

Robert W. Anderton, Bob. 

Ronald R. Andrews, Ronnie, 
Wrestling, Football, Weight! iftin g, 

Erik A. Ansbergs, iikes Soccer, 
Lacrosse, Skiing, Track, Chess. 

Michael ). Aronson, likes trail and 
dirt riding and racing at New Eng- 
land Dragway . 

Judy A. Arthur, Honors, Pep Club, 
Intramural Softball. 

ludy A. Arthur 


Catherine N. Austin, Nominating 
Committee, Rainbow. Roo col- 
lects stamps. 

Kenneth S. Baird, Vocational Ca- 
binetmaking. Hebe enjoys all 
sports and working on cars. 

Judith E. Baker — ).B., Girls Track, 
Cross Country, Girls Spring Track, 
JMSVC, Vocational Secretary. 

Paula M. Baker 

Maureen A. Barden 

Kathleen A. Bardon, JMSVC, Con- 
servation Club, Honors, High 
Honors, National Honor Society, 

Catherine N. Austin 

Paula M. Baker 

Maureen A. Barden 

Kathleen A. Bardon 


Allan D. Bartlett 

V • f/i 

Anne Bartlett 

lames Basford 

judith A. Bates 

M II ■ 

Kev/n £. Baumeister Cecile A. Baylor 

Allan D. Bartlett, Vocals, Open 
House, Yearbook Committee, 
likes riding motorcycles. 

Anne Bartlett, JMSVC, Honors, 
High Honors. Enjoys skiing, cook- 
ing, swimming, traveling. 

James Basford, Jim, Student Gov- 
ernment, likes C.B. Radio, drag 
racing, and mechanics. 

Judith A. Bates, Tigger likes bowl- 
ing and rollerskating, President of 
German Club, Cross Country, 

Kevin E. Baumeister 

Cecile A. Baylor, Seal likes skat- 
ing, sewing, bike riding, drawing 
and painting, Yearbook Staff, Art 
& Literary Staff, Childcare, Journal 
Editor, Honors, High Honors, 


Raoul A. Bellenoit 

Bradford J. Berry 

Karen M. Bettle 

t ■ 

Tonimarie Bianco 

Christian D. Behning, Track, Foot- 
ball, Weightlifting, Band. 

Nadine E. Bell, Girl's Softball, Girl's 
Basketball, Honors, High Honors. 

Raoul A. Bellenoit, Honors, Ralph 

enjoys baseball, golf, basketball, 
and street hockey. 

Bradford ). Berry, Brad, Student 

Karen M. Bettle, JMSVC, Girl's Bas- 
ketball, Swim Team, Pep Club, 

Yearbook, Drama Club, High 

Tonimarie Bianco, Toni, Concert 
Choir, Girl's Basketball, Track, Stu- 
dent Council, Drama Club. 



Darrell T. Bickel, Darrell plays soft- 
ball, football, and likes to bowl. He 
is in Demolay and is talented in 
carpentry. Honors. 

KathyA. Bigelow, Girls Basketball 

Spanish Club, Honors, Office 

Diane E. Blanchard, Honors, Cho- 
rus, Girls Basketball, Vocational 
Office worker. 

//'// F. Blanchard, Cheerleading, 
Girls Track, Gymnastics, High Hon- 
ors, Project Part-Time, Girls 

Jean M. Bishop, JMSVC, Chorus, Ho//y Blanchard, Ski Club, Girls 

John R. Boucher Cino R. Brandolini Carol Breen 

John P. Minn, Merit Award for 
Auto Repair. John enjoys motor- 
cycling, and received awards for 
motorcycling repair. 

Eric T. Boettcher, Wrestling, De- 
bate, Chess, Model Club. 

Peter ). Bonarrigo, Cross Country, 
Winter Track, Spring Track, Sec. 
Treas. of Voc, Weight Lifting. 

John R. Boucher, John enjoys 
skiing, and collecting coins. He 
says, "Life is what you make it." 

Cino R. Brandolini, C.Y.O. 

Carol A. Breen, Law Club, Girls 
Track, Cross Country, Girls Bas- 
ketball. Carol believes that fun is 
Saturday night and partying. 


Lynn M. Brennan, Pep Club, Riding 
Club, Ski Club, Student Council. 

Raymond F. Bresnahan, Basketball, 

Burton A. Briggs, Burt is a trainer 
on a Junior A hockey team and 

does part-time carpentry work. 
Hockey, Baseball, and Basketball 
are his favorite pastimes. 

Susan E. Briggs, Editor for Journal, 
Vocational Office worker, Pep 
Club, Honors, Sue likes ceramics 
and horseback riding. 

Cheryl A. Brown, Powder Puff 
Football, Honors, Pep Club. Cheryl 
enjoys art, and skating. 

Janice M. Brown. Gymnastics, Soft- 
ball. She likes photography, music. 


Lynne M. Brennan 

Burton A. Briggs 

Ch nryl A. Brown 

Raymond F. Bresnahan 

Susan E. Briggs 




Janice M. Brown 

Kevin M. Brown, Chess Club, 
Chess Team. 

Wanda L. Buchanan, Wanda enjoys 
sewing and music. 

Steven C. Buckley, Hockey, Base- 

ball. He enjoys waterskiing, boat- Susan F. Burfitt, Student Council, 
ing, and cars. Pep Club. Sue enjoys swimming, 

water skiing, and snow skiing. 

Kathleen M. Bullock, Basketball, 

Spanish Club, Ski Club, Pep Club. Heidi F. Burkard, Spanish Club. 

Kevin M. Brown 

Wanda L. Buchanan 

Steven C. Buckley 



Kathleen M. Bullock 


Susan F. Burfitt 

Heidi F. Burkard 


Cay/e M. Cameron, Honors, Pep 
club, Gymnastics, Track, Basket- 
ball, Softball, Powder Puff 

Lynn A. Cappellini, Honors, High 
Honors, Lynn works at Gross- 
mans. Cap enjoys hockey and lis- 
tening to music. 

Steven Carey 

Susan L. Carlson, Sue, National 
Honor Society, Honors, High 

Cheryl A. Carson, Cheryl works at 
Rexall's Drugstore. She enjoys ice 
skating and watching football, 
basketball, and hockey. 

Nancy Caruso 

Cay/e M. Cameron 

Lynn A. Cappellini 

Steven Carey 


Jonathan 5. Carvell, Gymnastics. 

Karen Casal, Track, Pep Club, 
Basketball, Spanish Club Presi- 
dent, Honor Society, Ski Club, 
Tennis, Senior Nominating 

Kathleen Casey, Pep Club, Year- 
book Committee, Track, Journal. 

Lee Cashman, Gymnastics, Year- 
book Committee, Cheerieading, 
Spanish Club. 

Steven G. Caswell, likes 

Regina Cavallo, JMSVC, Pep 
Club, Honor Roll, Powder Puff 
Football, Softball, Swim Team, 
Cross country, Latin Club, Senior 
Nominating Committee. 

Lee Cashman Steven G. Caswell Regina Cavallo 


Kevin R. Cavanagh 

Mona E. Ceurve/s 

Karen A. Chapman 

lean L. Chaput 

Susan E. Chase 

Richard Chilingarian 

<evin K. Lavanagh, Kevin enjoys 
tennis, soccer, photography. He 
plans to go to college in the near 

Mona E. Ceurvels, Riding Club, 
Reflections Art Staff. 

Karen A. Chapman, Gymnastics, 
National Honor Society, Cheer- 
leading, Track, Russian Club, Bas- 

ketball. Karen likes sailing and ice 
skating and has an interest in arts 
and crafts. 

jean L. Chaput, Gymnastics, Pep 
Club, Student Council, Spanish 
Club, Ski Club, Honors. 

Susan E. Chase, JMSVC, Band, Con- 
servation Club, Honors. Susan en- 
joys weekends, partying and con- 

certs. She works as a nurses a 
a Rockland Nursing Home. 

e at 

Richard Chilingarian, Chilla has 
been on High Honors, Drama, 
Newspaper Staff, Reflection Sales- 
man, and he was a Junior Usher. He 
plans to enter the field of broad- 
casting. He likes all sports in gener- 
al, and is employed at Stetson 


Louis R. Cicchese 

Pamela A. Cignarella, Drug Com- 
mittee, Open Campus Committee, 
Cigi enjoys figure skating, horse- 
back riding, cooking, and playing 
the piano. 

Debra A. Cirigliano, Spanish Club, 

CYO, Basketball, Softball. Debbi 
likes travelling and plans to be 
gym teacher. 

Rosanne E. Clancy, Riding Club, 
Russian Club, Ski Club, Honors. 
Horseback riding is Rosanne's 

Deborah ). Clark, FBLA, Honors, 
Tutor. Debbie also belongs to the 
GILFO at the East Weymouth Con- 
gregational Church. 

Ellen R. Clark, Majorette, Riding 
Club. Ellen enjoys horseback riding 
and plans to train and breed 

Deborah j. Clark 


Laurie B. Clark, Future Business 
Leaders of America, Honor Roll . 

Ronald E. Clement, Ski Club, 
Hockey Team, LaCrosse Team, 
National Honor Society. 

Louis M. Cocce 

Kevin M. Cody 

Gary 5. Cohan, CYO, Marcus likes 
to play basketball. 

James T. Cole, Student Council, 
Debate Team. 

Wanda A. Cole, Riding Club, Hon- 
ors, Ski Club. 

Charlene Collins, Band, Concert 
Choir, J.M.S.V.C., Basketball . 

Michael ). Collins, Michael enjoys 

Steven P. Collins, Math Club, Folk 
Club, High Honors. He works at 
Bradiees and plans to be a doctor. 
He enjoys model building and 
playing the guitar. 

Sheilah A. Connolly, Track, Gym- 
nastics, German Club, Pep Club, 

Basketball. "Grace" plans to go to 
college and then travel . 

Gary S. Connor, Russian Club, 
Math Team, Tennis, Gymnastics, 
Debate Team, Honors, President, 
National Honor Society. 


John P. Conway, Band, Key Club, 
A. V., John enjoys model making. 

Joseph ). Cordeiro, Honors, Coach 
or CYO Basketball Team. 

Meredith j. Corey, Mere is in Band, 
Concert Choir, and J.M.5.V.C. 

Diane M. Corkren, Track Team, 
Softball, Gymnastics, Journal . 

Charles T. Cosgrove, Honors, He 
enjoys skiing, fishing, and hockey. 
He works at Burger King and 
wants to travel around the world 
after graduation. 

Marie A. Costello, Cos enjoys hav- 
ing a good time. Conservation 
Club, Drama Club, Yearbook, Pep 
Club, Powder Puff Football Game, 

John P. Conway 

Joseph j. Cordeiro 

Meredith /. Corey 


Diane M. Corkren 

Charles T. Cosgrove 

Marie A. Costello 


Paul F. Coughiin, Debate Team. 

Nancy E. Coulsey, High Honors, 
Conservation Club, j.M.S.V.C, 
Math Team, National Honor So- 
ciety, Russian Club, Recycling 
Committee, Yearbook, Band Mu- 
sic Man. She works as a Nurse's 
Aide and enjoys swimming, sew- 
ing, going to parties and concerts 
and listening to music. 

Noreen M. Countie 

Richard Couture, Alka likes to 
skip school. 

Richard A. Cowing, Rat enjoys 
girl-watching, reading, hockey, 
football, baseball and race cars. 
He plans to be a mechanic and 
build a race car. 

Fred ). Coyle, Football, Spring 
Track, Weightlifting, Gymnastics, 
Student Council, Key Club. 
'Which way to the beach?" 

Fred ]. Coyle 


Kathleen Coy/e 

Kathleen A. Coyne 

Barbara A. Cra 

Kathleen M. Coy/e 

Kathleen A. Coyne, Cathy, Gym- 
nastics, Softball, Basketball. 

Barbara A. Craig, Spanish Club, 
Track, Pep Club, JMSVC. 

Gerard P. Cronin 
Joseph F. Cronin 
Donald G. Croteau 

Gerard P. Cronin 

loseph F. Cronin 

Donald Croteau 


lames F Crowley Regina Crowley Richard F. Crowley 

Joseph H. Cuddahy Linda M. Cullivan Stacey A. Cummings 

James F. Crowley, Wrestling, Ski 
Club, German Club, Soccer Team, 
Student Council Representative. 
Jim's favorite hobby is skiing. 

Regina Crowley, Honors, Spanish 
Club, Pep Club, Powder Puff 
Football, Basketball, Track, 
Cheerleader, Ski Club. 

Richard F. Crowley, Chess Club. 
Richard likes to rebuild motors 
and raise tropical fish. 

Joseph H. Cuddahy, Joe enjoys 
cars, hockey, and house building. 

Linda M. Cullivan 

Stacey A. Cummings, Yearbook 
Staff, Reflections Art Staff, Drama 
Club, Photography Club. 


Brian ). Cunningham, "Cunning." Richard M. Danubio, Honors, Stu- Alan S. Davenport, Wrestling, De- 
dent Council, J.M.S.V.C., Italian bate Team, Tennis, Student Nomi- 

Donna M. Cusick Club, Photography Club. nating Committee. 

"There is no excuse." 

Ellen M. Daley, Ski Club. Edith I. Dawes, Edie enjoys boats, 

photography, and reading. 



Debra ). Day, National Honor So- 
ciety, High Honors, Nominating 
Committee. She is competitive fig- 
ure skating for a gold medal . 

Dana K. Delehanty 

Markecheryl Delehanty 
Robert A. Del Ca//o 
Catherine M. Delorey 

David A. DeLuca, Football, Track, 
Student Council, Key Club, Junior 
Usher. He enjoys sports and games 
and thinks that life is the biggest 
game of all. 


Michael DelVecchio 

Arthur W. DeMerritt 

Margaret R. Demiter 

Michael DelVecchio 

Arthur W. DeMerritt, Artie enjoys 
working on cars. 

Margaret R. Demiter, Margie, 
Yearbook Staff, JMSVC, Conser- 
vation Club, Spanish Club, Future 
Teachers, Drama Club, Project 
Part Time. 

Brian T. Dempsey, Buff, Hockey, 
Baseball, Soccer. 

Barry ). Desmond, Honors. 

Charles P. Deveau, National 
Honor Society. Charlie enjoys 

Brian T. Dempsey 

Barry ). Desmond 

Charles P. Deveau 


Nancy M. DeVincent, Honors. 

Michael F. Devine, Hockey, Soccer. 

Mary J. Devlin, Chemistry lab as- 
sistant, Homeroom messenger, 

Honors, Weymouth Walk Com- 
mittee. M.J. enjoys ballet. 

Benjamin M. DiBona, Co-op. He 
likes football and cars. 

Gary 5. DiBona, Gary plays hockey 
and golf in his spare time. 

Larry 5. DiBona, Larry enjoys play- 
ing golf. 

Thomas M. Dickerson, Student 
Government, Wrestling, Voc. Se- 
nior Vice President, Nominating 
Committee, Lacrosse, Yearbook 

Matthew J. Dignan, Taient Show, 
Senior Vice President, Fire Preven- 

tion Club, enjoys camping am 

Elizabeth A. DiSessa, Legs enjoys 
both art and music. 

Stephen Doherty, Este enjoys 
mountain climbing, hunting, fish- 


ing, flying, skin diving, hiking, 
shooting, bikes. 

Richard M. Donadio, Rickey enjoys 
working on cars. Junior Usher. 

Robert Donadio, Bob enjoys foot- 
ball, wrestling, weightlifting. Key 

Thomas M. Dickerson 

Matthew j. Dignan 

Elizabeth A. DiSessa 

Stephen Doherty 

Richard M. Donadio 

Robert Donadio 


Judith A. Donald 

joseph R. Donahue 

Timothy M. Donovan 

Judith A. Donald, Judy enjoys 
reading, driving, crafts. Honors, 
JMSVC, Drama Club, FTA, Work 

joseph R. Donohue, Joe, Honors. 

Timothy M. Donovan, LTD, Tim 
enjoys working on cars. Baseball, 
Hockey, Co-op Program. 

Jerome Dorman, Jerry, J V Football 
Team, enjoys karate. 

,/ohn J. Downey, enjoys music and 
playing lacrosse, Lacrosse. 

Clarice M. Doyle, Track, Russian 
Club, Softball, Pep Club, National 
Honor Society, Swim Team, High 


Stephen ). Doyle, Student Gov- 
ernment, Sr. Class President of 
Voc, Vocals, Honors, High Hon- 
ors, Student Advisory Board, 
Yearbook Staff, Co-op. Doi enjoys 
bowling in his spare time. 

Kathleen Duffy, Pep Club, Child 
Care Program, Swim Team, Pow- 
der Puff Footbali. Kate likes going 
to parties and to Wareham. 

Robert A. Duffy, Vocals. Duff en- 
joys horseback riding. 

Stephanie D. Dunbar, Track, Bas- 
ketball, Concert Choir, Musicals. 

Thomas E. Dunham 

Karen M. Dunphy, Sec. of Nation- 
al Honor Society, Chairman of 
JMSVC, Ski Club/FTA, Conserva- 
tion Club, Drama Club, Yearbook 
Staff, High Honors. Karen likes lis- 
tening to music, going to parties 
and concerts, sewing, skating, 
skiing, and swimming. 

Steven ). Doyle 

Kathleen Duffy 

Robert A. Duffy 

Stephanie D Dunbar 

Thomas E. Dunham 

Karen M. Dunphy 


Gregg W. Durant 

Thomas M. DuRoss, Ski Club, 
Yearbook, Wrestling, Key Club. 
Tom enjoys playing street hockey, 
football and canoeing. 

Nancy L. Dwyer, National Honor 
Society, Ski Club, Yearbook, Swim 
Team, Child Care, High Honors. 
Nanc loves to sew in her spare 

Stephen C. Dyson, Track. Dys 
plays baseball, football and bas- 
ketball for enjoyment. He also 
likes track. 

Steven H. tgan, Steve. 

Cheryl A. Eisan, Conservation 
Club's Jr. and Sr. Vice President, 
JMSVC, FTA, National Honor So- 
ciety, Biology lab assistant, Project 
Part-Time, Tutor, Honors, High 

Stephen C. Dyson Steven H. Egan Cheryl A. Eisan 


Dorothy M. Fardy 

Steven C. Faulkner 

Craig L. Fedor 

Carol J. Enemark, Carol enjoys sew- 
ing, swimming, horseback riding, 
skiing, painting, and playing 

Karen L. Ericson, "Bones". Karen 
enjoys sewing, playing piano, and 
horseback riding. Spanish Ciub, 
Future Teachers. 

Dorothy M. Fardy, Conservation 
Club, Spanish Club, Future Teach- 
ers President, Project Part-time. 

Steven C. Faulkner, Nink enjoys 
working on cars, and playing all 

Matthew E. Fay, Hockey, Cross- 

country, Tennis, Key Club. Mat- 
thew enjoys flying and karate. 

Craig L. Fedor, Sidney, Australia, 
and the Kangaroo kid are his best 
names, he enjoys playing 


Joel C. Feldman, Belongs to the 
Math Team, Russian Club, National 
Honor Society, and the Track 

Thomas F. Finnegan, Tnomas en- 
joys surfing, and drag-racing. He 
also enjoys football and belongs to 
the Key Club. 

Robin M. Fitzpatrick, Pixi or Peanut 
belongs to the Child Care Program, 
Pep Club, Future Teachers Club, 
Spanish Club, National Honor So- 
ciety, and piayed in the Powder 
Puff Football game. 

Edward M. Flanagan, Ed is secretary 
of the Key Club, and likes sports. 

Michael A. Fleming, Mike is on the 
Lacrosse learn, and enjoys skiing 
and just being out doors. 

James Flynn 

joel C. Feldman 

Thomas F. Finnegan 

Robin M. Fiitzpatrick 

Fdward M. Flanagan 

Michael A. Fleming 

James Flynn 


Claire j. Folan 

Carol /. Foley 

Donald T. Follett 

Claire A. Folan, She is a library aid, 
and belongs to the Future Teach- 
ers of America, and the Conserva- 
tion Club. 

Carol ). Foley, Carol enjoys her 
boyfriend and the gang. Her fa- 
vorite saying is "Don't walk in 
front of me, I may not follow; 
don't walk behind me, I may not 
lead; just walk beside me and be 
my friend." 

Donald T. Follett 

Kathleen M. Forrester 

Cheryl A. Foster 

Marjorie A. Fox, Margie's activi- 
ties consist of Gymnastics, Student 
Council, Cheerleading, Honor 
Roll, Powder Puff Football, Pep 
Club, Swim Team, CYO. Margie 
enjoys gymnastics. Her favorite 
saying is "Hot Scoop." 

if Y 

Kathleen M. Forrester 

Cheryl A. Foster 

Marjorie A. Fox 


college and be an elementary 
school teacher. 

Ellen Francomano, Frankie belongs 
to the Spanish Club, Pep Club, 
Powder Puff Football game, Intra- 
mural Basketball, her favorite say- 
ing is "Franken Berry." 

Neal R. Frattasio, Hockey, Honors. 
Neal enjoys playing street hockey. 

Stephen M. Frazier, Stephen's 
hobbies are his car, football, bas- 
ketball, and girls. His favorite say- 
ing is, "Wasn't me." 

Marie F. Galewski, Russian Club, 
Senior Nominating Committee, 
CYO, Honors. Marie enjoys basket- 
ball, football and hopes to go to 

Stephen C. Gallant, Honors. 

Elizabeth A. Gambon, Law Club. 
Gambles likes football, baseball, 
and hockey. 

Susanne M. Garbarczuk, Band, 
Conservation Club, Spanish Club, 
FBLA, Honors. Susanne enjoys 
playing the clarinet for relaxation. 
She is also Mr. Warren's secretary. 

Donald E. Gardner, B'wana enjoys 
to scuba dive, swim, hunt, fish, and 
play hockey in his spare time. 

Paul B. Garrity, LaCrosse, High 
Honors. Flash likes to read, fish, 
and study the occult. 

David M. Gatto, School Advisory 
Council. Dave enjoys all sports. 

Daniel A. Geagan, Lunch room 
monitor for Voc. Dad enjoys work- 

ing on cars, hockey, boxing, foot- 
ball, and wrestling. 

Susan ). Geddes, Pep Club, Gym- 
nastics, Susan enjoys swimming 
and sewing and hopes to major in 
Home Economics. 

Alan Germain 

Daniel H. Germain 

Pamela A. Giacomozzi 

Alan Germain, Co-op. Al enjoys 
all music. 

Daniel H. Germain 

Football, Track, Key Club. Tex 

enjoys all sports and girls. 

Pamela Giacomozzi, Child Care, 
Yearbook. Pam likes to write and 

Joseph B. Gillan, Wrestling. 

James P. Glynn, II, Jama enjoys the 
guitar and skindiving. 

Phillip F. Glynn, Cross Country, 
German Club. Phil plays hockey 
and basketball and enjoys listen- 
ing to music. 

Phillip F. Glynn 


Carol A. Goggin, "Cals" Audiovis- 
ual Aid, Honors, High Honors. 

Daniel J. Goggin, Hockey, Soccer. 
Dan enjoys watching T.V. and 
playing sports. 

Joan M. Goggin, Honors, Ski 
Club, Big Sister Program, 

CregoryB. Comer, Hockey. 

fames T. Grassia, Football, Track, 
Chorus, james enjoys singing and 
playing the guitar. 

f//ot K. Gray, Hockey, Soccer. 
Tink enjoys sailing, skindiving, 
and speedracing. 

Carol A. Goggin 


I V 


Gregory B. Comer 

Daniel J. Goggin 

loan M. Goggin 

Eliot K. Gray 


Thomas R. Cree/y 

teo M. Greene 

Susan ). Grenier 

Thomas R. Greeley, Tom enjoys 
surfing and also loves to play 

Leo M. Greene, Yearbook, Hon- 
ors. Leo plans to go to college. 

Susan ). Grenier, Gymnastics, Law 

Rosemary Griffin, Rosie is on Stu- 
dent Council, Gymnastics, Pow- 
der Puff Game, Tennis, Basketball, 
Pep Club, Swim Team, Track, 
Nominating Committee, Honors, 
CYO Basketball and Softball. 

Kathleen M. Grimes, Honors, 
Spanish Club. Kathy would like to 
go into early childhood studies in 
the future. She enjoys children, 
basketball and swimming. 

Mary T. Grojean, Talent Show. 
Mary enjoys ballet and swimming. 

h 9 

Gary M. Cumphght 

Beverly A. Gunnerson 

Cherlann Haas 

Susan L. Hagar 

Mary L. Haley 

Keith M. Hamilton 

Gary M. Gumpright, Gump enjoys 
electronics and working with ster- 
eophonic equipment. "Is that 

Beverly A. Gunnerson, "Gunny". 

Cherylann Haas, Italian Club, Law 
Club, J.M.S.V.C. Chery enjoys 

Susan L. Hagar, Sue, Honors. 

Mary L. Haley 

Keith M. Hamilton, Key Club, Ski 
Club, Lacrosse, German Club. 

7 o 

William ). Hannon, "Toot". 

Pauline Hamilton, Pauline enjoys 

Cheryl A. Hamman 

John M. Hanifan, John enjoys 

Nancy M. Hankard, Russian Club, 
Chess Club, T.V. Club, Ski Club, 
Project Part-Time Technician, 
Honors. Nancy enjoys photogra- 
phy, tennis, horseback riding, and 

Gail A. Harrington, Honors, Tutor- 
ing. Harry enjoys bike riding, sew- 
ing, skating, swimming, riding, 
embroidery. "A-Derr". 


Thomas W. Harrington 

John M. Harrison 



Raymond C. Hart 


Thomas W. Harrington, Cross 
Country, Winter Track, Spring 
Track, Golf, Key Club, Honors. 

John M. Harrison, Lacrosse, 
Spring Musical, Concert Choir. 

Raymond C. Hart 

Frederick ). Harvey, Fred enjoys 
softball and electronics. 

John T. Haslam, John believes in 
staying in shape by playing foot- 
ball, lacrosse, weightlifting, and 

Bruce J. Hayes, Student Govern- 
ment, Project Part Time, Co-op. 
Bruce likes to listen to music. 

Frederick j. Harvey 

John T. Haslam 

Bruce J. Hayes 


Michael W. Hayes, Cross Country, 
Key Club, Member of Wessagussett 
Yacht Club, Honors. Leeroy likes to 
go sailing, bowling, playing hockey 
and baseball. 

Stephen ). Hayford, A-V Club, 
Honors. Stephen enjoys photogra- 
phy and film making. 

Robert ). Hayward, Wrestling. 

Bob's hobbies include much leath- 
er work. He likes Cross Country, 
Skiing, and Hiking. 

Scott P. Hazelton, Scott enjoys 
swimming, boating, lawn mowing, 
car washing, and all sports. His fa- 
vorite saying is, "Don't order a 
drink for the road, because the 
road is already laid out." 

Lawrence ). Hemeon, German 
Club, Drama Club, Sr. Class play, 
Black Comedy & O.U.C.H., Con- 
cert Choir. Larry likes playing the 

Lynne A. Hesson, Honors. Lynne 
enjoys embroidery and bike riding. 

Robert D. Hibbard, Bob. Lacrosse. 

Eileen M. Hickey, Project Part 

joanne Higgins 


Timothy B. Higgins, Football, Key 
Club. Higgs enjoys watching peo- 
ple and animals. His favorite saying, 
"Thanks Pal." 

Virginia L. Hill 

Nancy j. Himelrick, Latin Club, Zif 
fie for President Club. Nancy en 
joys all types of art. 

Garry E. Hobart 

Michael Hogan 

Wendel L. Holmes 

Garry E. Hobart, Moe enjoys gi r is, 
working on cars, carpentry, and 
mechanic work. 

Michael Hogan, Football, Base- 
ball, Key Club. 

Wendel L. Holmes, Gymnastics, 

Mary A. Horan, Honors, High 
Honors, Student Council. 

,/ohn /. Horgan, Baseball, Key 
Club, Honors. 

Mary A. Horrigan, Mary likes 
swimming, horseback riding and 
cooking. Honors. Rolling Stones. 

Mary A. Horrigan 


Judith A. Iwanski 

Donald R. Howell, Donald enjoys 
fishing and boating. 

Thomas A. Hughes, Thomas likes 

Judith A. Iwanski, Ski Club, Pep 
Club, Drama Club, High Honors, 
French Club. 

Carol A. Jackson, Law Club, Nom- 
inating Committee, High Honors, 
F.B.L.A., Carol worked at Lincoln 

Paul F. Jackson, "Jack." 

Rebecca R. Jackson, Ecology Ac- 
tion League, Photography, Hon- 
ors. Becky likes going to concerts 
listening to Neil Young, Rod 
Stewart and the Stones. 

Carol A. Jackson 

\ V 

Paul F. Jackson 

Rebecca R. Jackson 


■!■ ■!■ mm mm mm «■ sssa mm mm 

j \ \ 

Richard /. Jewett 

Frederick L. Johnson 

Nils R. Johnson 

John Jamieson, "Jama", Football, 
Basketball, Weightlifting, Key 
Club, Track. 

Edward R. J a rvis, Budman enjoys 
C.B. Radio. 

Bryan P. letter, High Honors, 

Richard J. Jewett, "Comet" works 
with cars. 

Frederick L. Johnson, Fred enjoys 
hockey, football, and house 

Nils R. Johnson, Nils enjoys 


Thomas S. Johnson 

Cathy L. Jones 

Donna L. Jordan 

William Johnston II 



Deborah L. Jones 

Michael F. Joseph 

Cathy L. Jones, Student Council, 
Swim Team, Russian Club. 

Deborah L. Jones, Track. 

Donna L. Jordan, Drama Club, 
J.M.S.V.C., Russian Club, French 
Club, Pep Club, Concert Choir, 
Music Teacher at Christ Choir 
School, "Anything Goes", "Music 
Man", Black Comedy, Overnight 
Uncapped Coke Happening, Se- 
nior Class Play, Talent Show, 

Church Youth Group President. 
Donna works at Mammoth Mart 
and someday would like to teach 
mentally retarded children. 

Michael F. Joseph, Joe. IMC. 


f M. Julian, Julie Baby 

Susan R. Junkins, Drama Club, Pep 
Club, JMSVC, Project Part-Time, 
CYO, Russian Club, Honors. Sue is 
a cashier at Angelo's Supermarket 
and taught music, drama and spe- 
cial ed. She plans to become a jour- 
nalist and editor of a newspaper. 

Noreen A. Kahler, Swim Team, 
Cosmotology, Ski Club, Tennis. 
Noreen works as a lifeguard at Tara 
Gardens and Gaslight Village. She 
is also an Avon lady and plans to be 
a nurse in the future. 

Mary T. Kearney, JMSVC, Spanish 

Club, Ski Club, Pep Club, Swim 

John J. Kearns, Chess Club. 

Donald P. Keefe, Ski Club. Don be- 
lieves in having a good time. 

Karl M. Julian 

Susan R. junkins 

Noreen A. Kahler 


John ]. Kearns 

Donald P. Keefe 


Brain t. Keegan lean M. Kelley Michael ). Kelley 

Michael W. Kelliher lames F. Kelly lames W. Kelly 

Brian E. Keegan, National Honor 
Society, Lacrosse, Wrestling, Key 
Club, Jr. Usher. 

/ean M. Kelley, Jean belongs to 
the Drama Club, Spanish Club, 
National Honor Society, and she is 
on the Senior Nominating 

Michael J. Kelley, Kel likes hockey 
and cars, baseball and football, 
sheet metal. 

Michael W. Kelliher, Cal is on the 
Senior Nominating Committee, 
and enjoys swimming and skiing. 

James F. Kelly, Cross Country, 

James W. Kelly, Gymnastics, Key 
Club, Photography Club, Band, 
Math Team, Yearbook, Reflec- 
tions Photographer, Concert 
Committee, and was in the Music 
Man and Anything Goes. Rolling 
Stones. "Rock and Roll is here to 

Joseph A. Kelly, Joe likes hockey, 
football, listening to music, works 
at S & D Metal Fabrication Co. 

Kathleen A. Kelly 

Laura Kelly 

Maura Kelly 

Paul E. Kelly, Varsity Hockey, Soc- 

Douglas E. Kemp, Kempa likes to 
build model cars, and enjoys play- 
ing Hockey, Football, Weight Lift- 
ing. Carpentry is his trade in the 
Vocational School, and he enjoys 
being with the right girl. 

Joseph A. Kelly 

Kathleen A. Kelly 

Laura Kellv 

Maura Kelly 

Paul E. Kelly 

Doug/as E. Kemp 


Gary F. Kenney, Gary enjoys foot- Robert M. Kiley, Robert likes to lis- Scott W. Knowles, Vocals, Student 

ball, and mostly all types of sports. ten to music. Council, Soccer, Hockey. Scott's 

Co-Op. nickname is Teacup. 

Rosemary F. Kiley, Rosie likes to 

Karen M. Kerwin, Karen belongs to ski, and she belongs to the Ski Steven Kupsc, Steve belongs to the 

the Spanish Club, Russian Club, Club, she has been on High Golf team, Key Club, and Ted has 

National Honor Society. She has Honor Roll, and Honors, Prom been an Honor Roll student, 

been on high honor roll, too. Committee. 


Kathleen M. La Bonte 

Michael E. Lanahan 

Kathleen M. LaBonte, Duna, Ski 
Club, Honors. 

Michael E. Lanahan, Mike enjoys 
playing baseball, basketball, foot- 
ball, fishing, water skiing, boating, 
and swimming. 

Michael P. Lane, Junior Usher. 
Michael plans to join the Marines 
after graduation. 

jane B. Lannon, Banana, Ski Club. 
Joyce M. LaRocco, Italian Club. 
Ruth Ann Latak, Ski Club. 

Ruth Ann Latak 


Janet M. Latour, Basketball, Rus- 
sian Club, Spanish Club, Pep 
Club, Honors. 

Bn'an Lauzon 

Ann E. Lavery 
Michael }. Lawson 

Paul G. Leahy, Hockey, Baseball. 
Paul enjoys all sports. 

lames W. Leavitt, Jim enjoys play- 
ing the guitar and learning about 

Janet M. Latour 

Brian Lauzon 

Ann E. Lavery 

Jamei W. Leavitt 



Nancy M. LeBlanc 

George W. Lemay 

Steven F. LeCere 

Marianne Leighton 

Nancy M. LeBlanc, Nan. Child 

Steven F. LeGere, Hockey, Hon- 
ors. "Live life to its fullest and 
have a good time." 

Marianne Leighton, Yearbook, 
High Honors, Project Part-Time, 

George W. Lemay, Street Hockey 
Team, Student Council Rep., 
Baseball Team, Student Patrol 
Captain. He has played the organ 
for 10 years and plans on pursuing 
his career in Veterinary Medicine 
or Vocal Entertainment. 

Kathleen M. Lennon, Kathy. 

Paul A. Leo, Math Team, Honor 
Society, Latin Club, Tutoring, 
Teaching Mentally Retarded. 

Kathleen M. Lennon 

Paul A. Leo 

Kenneth A. Leslie, jr., Ken 

Suzanne L'Esperance, Latin Club, 
Track, Debate, Basketball, Softball, 
Honor Roll. 

Charles S. Lincoln, Charles works 

after school shingling houses. 
Robert E. Linden 

Glen R. Liset, Glen participates in 
football, basketball and track. He 

was elected VP of the Key Club, a 
member of the Student Council, 
and an Honor Roll student. 

William }. Lockhead, Bill belongs to 
the South Shore Neptunes Club. 


Ann M. Long, Ann enjoys girls Bas- 
ketball, she was a cheerleader for 
I.C. P. 

Jacqueline Lucas, Jackie likes the 
J.M.S.V.C. and she has been on the 
Honor Roll. 

crafts and art. 
Kurt A. Lunden 

Fredrick A. Loud, Fred enjoys Foot- Janice M. Lumenti, Jan has been on Kenneth 5. Lundgren 
ball, Wrestling, Baseball, Key Club. Student Council, her hobbies are 

8 ' 

Patricia A. Lynskey, Pat 
Bruce A. MacGregor, Mac 
Kenneth R. Mackin 
Kevin C. Mackin 

Joanne E. MacLaskey, JMSVC, 
Band, Ski Club, Weymouth Solo 
Ensemble, Honors. 

Lauren J. Maclean Joan M. MacWilliam, Secretary of ball, Cross Country, Winter Track, 

Drama Club, Senior Nominating Spring Track, Student Council, Key 

Jeanette L. MacLeod, Jan Committee, Honors, and enjoys Club. 

figure skating. 

Kathryn W. MacLeod, Wendy en- John W. Maher 


Patricia Malcolm, Patty. 

Edna A. Mangherini, Chorus, Bas- 
ketball, Music, Pep Club. 

Richard A. Manning, Dickie be- 
longs to the Ski Club, Key Club. 

Scoff A. Manning, Scuda is active in 
the Chess Club, National Honor 
Society, Conservation Club, Tutor- 
ing, and the Russian Club. He be- 
longs to the South Shore Quarter 
Back Club, Spot for New England 

Donna M. Marani, Spanish Club. 
Vincent G. Maroney 

Patricia Malcolm 

Edna A. Mangherini 

Richard A. Manning 

Donna M. Marani 

Vincent G. Maroney 


Stephen R. Materia 

Donna M. Mathewson 

jane L. Mathurin 

Stephen R. Materia, Hockey, Key 
Club. Matee likes motorcycles 
and likes to go fishing in his spare 

Donna M. Mathewson, Donna 
enjoys riding bikes and skiing. 

jane L. Mathurin, Spanish Club, 
Ski Club, Pep Club, Tennis Team, 
Track, Basketball, Student 

Maryanne C. Mazzola 
Robert W. McAuliffe 
Timothy W. McAuliffe 

Timothy W. McAuliffe 


Margaret McClellan, J.M.S.V.C., 
Basketball, Reflections, Law Club, 
Cross Country, Track, National 
Honor Society, Peggy. 

James D. McCormack 

Paul R. McCormack, Key Club, 
Football, Spanish Club. 

Kathleen M. McCue, Pep Club, 
j.M.S.V.C, Basketball. Kathy en- 
joys Swimming and gymnastics. 

David ). McDonald, German 
Club. Leeroy likes hockey, base- 
ball, basketball, tennis and 

Kathleen McDonnell, Ski Club, 
Spanish Club, Yearbook Staff, 

Margaret McClellan 

lames D. McCormack 

Paul R. McCormack 


Kathleen McDonnell 


Steven H. McGrath Robert S. McHugh Steven C. McKay 

Nancy McKinnon Nancy M. McLaughlin James C. McLeod 

Steven H. McGrath, Steve enjoys 
fixing cars and motorcylces and is 
interested in car racing. 

Robert 5. McHugh, Cross Coun- 
try, Winter Track, Honors. Bob 
likes to read and keep up on 
what's going on in the sports 

Steven C. McKay 

Nancy McKinnon, Russian Club, 
Reflections, Art Staff, Yearbook 
Editor, Honors. 

Nancy M. McLaughlin, Nancy's 
favorite pastimes are watching 
soap operas, and making pottery. 

lames C. McLeod, Jimmy works at 
building houses, Honors. 


Bernadette McMorrow, Bernie, Class Play, Cheerleader, Senior Ad 

Student Council, Honors. visory Representive. 

Anne M. McNamee, Ann enjoys Richard E. McNeil, Mac is interest 

arts and crafts and is active in CYO. ed in girls, music, and food. 

5usan E. McNamee, Sue, Pep Club, Francis A. McWade, )r. 
Latin Club, Track, Student Council, 

Kathy C. Meade, Reflections Edi- 
tor, JMSVC, National Honor Socie 
ty, Ski Club, Project Part Time, Vice 
Pres. of Russian Club, Honors, High 

spends her spare time cooking and Basketball, Winter Track, Junior 

sewing. Mark C. Miller, Photography Club. Usher, Key Club President. 

John ). Mellone Susan A. Mills, Softball, Field Hock- 

ey, Basketball. 

Maureen P. Melody, Swim Team, 



Deborah A. Molisse ]ohn K. Moloney Conchita H. Montanez 

Mary N. Moody lefferey H. Mooney Lynn A. Mooney 

Deborah A. Molisse, Debbie. 

John K. Moloney 

Conchita H. Montanez, JMSVC, 
Swim Team. 

Mary N. Moody 

jefferey H. Mooney, Frank watch- 
es hockey, football, car racing, 
and listens to music. 

Lynn A. Mooney, Law Club, FBLA. 


Sharon B. Moore, Honors, Russian 
Club, Reflector Typist. 

Teresa M. Moran, Basketball, 
Track, Swim Team, Powder Puff 

Debra L. Morgan, Track, Ski Club, 

Pep Club, Concert Committee, 
Photography Club. Debbie enjoys 
skiing and ceramics along with bike 

William S. Morgan, Gymnastics, 
LaCrosse, Band, Talent Show. 

Mary f. Moriarty, Latin Club, Rus- 
sian Club, Ski Club. 

Jeffrey C. Morrissey, J.M.S.V.C., 
Latin Club, Honors, High Honors. 

Mary E. Moriarty 

Jettrey C. Morrissey 


Donald ). Muirhead, jr., Wrestling Honors. Marianne's hobby is 
Team, High Honors. skiing. 

Kathleen L. Mulhern, Student 
Council, Cheerleading, Intramural 
Basketball, High Honors, Honors. 

Marianne Mulvaney, Spanish Club, 

William Mulvaney, CYO and Bowl- 

Pamela A. Mulveyhill, Honors. Pam 
enjoys all sports ana playing with 

her dog or doing auto mechanics. 
Her favorite saying is "Live for to- 
day because there is no tomorrow; 
life is only a long succession of 

Barbara ). Murphy, JMSVC, Hon- 
ors, High Honors. 

Theresa I. Murphy Catherine M. Murray Edward J. Murray 

Theresa }. Murphy, Murph likes 
sports especially football and 

Catherine M. Murray, Cathy is on 
the Yearbook Staff and the Ski 
Club. Honors, High Honors, Prom 

Edward ). Murray, jr., Ed enjoys 
hockey and golf. 

Helenmary Murray, Honor Roll. 
High Honors, Student Council, 
Future Teachers, Project Part- 
Time, Concert Choir. 

Karen L. Murray, Honors, High 
Honors, JMSVC, Horseback rid- 
ing, Journal, Cap and Gown 
Committee. Karen loves sports 
and airplanes. 

Roberta Nardella, Bobbi works in 
the church, her hobbies are arts 
and crafts, JMSVC. 


Karen M. Naughton, Cheerlead- 
er, likes sewing, swimming. 

Karen M. Nault, Karen loves 
Chinese food, Neil Young, motor- 
cycles, and people. She works at 
Brady Enterprises and plans to be 
a post-graduate, then attend 

Carol ). Nelson, Law Club, Riding 
Club, Nel likes horseback riding 
for enjoyment. 

Francine P. Nesson, Softball, Bas- 
ketball, Track, FBLA, Yearbook 
Staff, Pep Club, JMSVC, Powder 
Puff Football, Honors. Francine 
enjoys drawing cartoons in 
her spare time and meeting 
happy people. She also likes 

William Nicholas, Bill enjoys 
hockey, archery, camping, motor- 
cycles, and music. His favorite 
groups are Grateful Dead & All- 
man Bros. His favorite saying is 
"Keep on Truckin". 

Sherri L. Nickerson, Gymnastics, 


lohn E. Nolet Adrienne A. Norman William 5. Norve 

Dale M. Noiand, Student Govern- 
ment, Ski Club. Dale enjoys water 
and snow skiing, hockey, boating, 
and skin diving. 

John E. Nolet, "Notses" spends his 
time playing basketball. 

Adrienne A. Norman, Nesthead 
believes that "Girls' " gym is out 
to lunch. 

William S. Norve, National Honor 
Society. Bill's favorite sports are 
football and hockey. He works at 
Ross Auto Body. 


Amy L. Nottage, Riding Club. 

Jeffrey ). Nourse, Student Council, 
Pres. of Sr. Class, Drug Comm., 
Student Advisory Comm., Chorus, 
Honors. Jeff is an active member of 

James M. O'Brien, O'Bie goes to 
concerts and rides motorcycles in 
his spare time. 

Eileen M. O'Brien 


Adele O'Connor, Drama Club, 

Russian Club, Yearbook Staff. 
Adele works at Papa Gino's and 
plans to go to art school. 

Patricia A. O'tearyJ/vlSVC, Latin 
Club, Conservation Club, Honors. 


Robert 5. Oliver, Jose builds model 
cars and plans to be a mechanic. 

Susan P. Oliverio, Law Club, Track, 
Tennis, Cross Country, National 
Honor Society, Yearbook, Spanish 
Tutor, Math Tutor, High Honors. 
Susan enjoys swimming, music, and 
playing the guitar. 

Rosanne T. Olson, Pep Club. Ro 

plans to be a legal secretary after 
graduation. Her favorite pastimes 
are skiing, the summer, and 

Brian M. O'Neil, Drama Club, Tal- 
ent Show. Bry plans to further his 
education in performing arts. 

Claire M. O'Neil, Ski Club, Chorus, 
Concert Choir. Claire likes bike- 

Michael P. O'Sullivan, Law Club, 
Spanish Club, Conservation Club, 
Cap & Gown, Comm., Jr. Usher, 
Project Part-Time, Yearbook Staff, 
Honors. Mike plans to go to col- 
lege and major in Elementary 

Robert 5. Oliver Susan P. Oliverio 

Rosanne T. Olson 

Brian M. O'Neil 

Claire M. O'Neil 

Michael P. O'Sullivan 


Nancy I. Otika 

John R. Ouellet 

Mark C. Ouellet 

Nancy I. Otika, Yearbook Staff. 
Nancy plans to become a dental 

John R. Ouellet, John likes play- 
ing football, hockey, and watch- 
ing basketball, softball, and 

Mark C. Ouellet, Wrestling, Se- 
nior Class Secretary, Prom Com- 
mittee, Concert Committee. 

Kathleen Pa/merJMSVC, Latin 
Club, Italian Club, Basketball, 
Softball, Honors, High Honors. 

Mary A. Pa pi a 
Susan E. Paretchan 

Kathleen Palmer 

Mary A. Papia 


Valerie ). Parlin, "Val". Pep Club, 
Field Hockey, Biology lab worker, 
Basketball, Softball. 

tee f. Pasqualucci 

Susan M. Pawlowski 

Robert A. Pedini, Edgar likes play- 
ing hockey and football. He also 
enjoys working on cars. 

Ellen K. Pender, Riding Club, Dra- 
ma Club, Girls' Basketball, Honors, 
Pep Club. Ellen likes horseback rid- 

ing, skiing, softball, basketball, and 

Randy Pendexter, National Honor 

Valerie ). Parlin 

Susan M. Pawlowski 

Ellen K. Pender 



tee E. Pasqualucci 

Robert A. Pedini 

Randy Pendexter 

Cynthia A. Personeni, Italian Club, 
Latin Club. Cindy belongs to the 
35th Regimental Drill Team, likes ice 
skating, and plays the piano. 

MarkR. Phillips 

Richard ). Pierce, Cross Country, 

Leigh A. Piller, Conservation Club, 
Yearbook staff, "Anything Goes," 
"Music Man," Pep Club, Basketball, 
National Honor Society. 

Anne M. Pinault, J.M.S.V.C., Year- 
book Staff, Honors, High Honors, 
"Music Man," Senior Class Play, 

Basketball, Pep Club, National Hon- 
or Society. 

Donna M. Pitrone, Pit enjoys bike 
riding and sewing. 


Vincent R. Pizzano, Band, Track, 
Vinnie likes camping. 

Mary L. Pleach, Spanish Club, 
Basketball. Marylou likes sewing. 

Katherine T. Pomarico 

Robert W. Pope, Jr., Band, Na- 
tional Honor Society, Russian 
Club. Bob enjoys photography. 

Robert C. Powell, Football, Spring 
Track, Winter Track, "Bo." 

Marie A. Powers, Student Coun- 
cil, Pep Club, Honors, High Hon- 
ors. Marie belongs to the 35th 
Regimental Drill Team. She enjoys 
sewing and partying. 

Marie A. Powers 


Marlene Powers, Pep Club. Mar- 
lene enjoys going to parties on 
her weekends. 

Patricia A. Powers, Ski Club, 
Track, Pep Club, Honors, Sr. 
Nominating Comm. Patti likes 
going to parties, sewing, skating, 
skiing, and listening to music. 

Cherylan Presley 

Deborah Purpura, Ferdinand, 
Powder Puff Football. Debbie at- 
tends concerts and football 


Gerald A. Quillen, Jerry enjoys 
music and electronics. 

Sharon L. Rafuse, Honors, Con- 
cert Choir, "Anything Goes", 
Basketball, Softball, "The Music 
Man," Yearbook, Spanish Club. 
Sharon sews, knits, and crochets. 
She enjoys walking along the 
beach or riding in the woods. 

Marlene Powers 

Deborah Purpura 

Patricia A. Powers 

Cherylan Presley 

Sharon L. Rafuse 


Lome W. Ranstrom 

Daniel Reddish 

Holly I. Reidy 

Lome W. Ranstrom, Basketball, 
Spring Track, Cross Country, 
Band, Key Club. Lome partici- 
pates in all sports and enjoys mu- 
sic and building models. 

Daniel Reddish, Cross Country, 
Football, Basketball, Golf, Student 
Council, Key Club, Editor of jour- 
nal. Danny likes golf very much. 

Ho//y ). Reidy, Holly enjoys mak- 
ing candles, sewing, and cooking. 

Dianne M. Reilly, Honors, High 
Honors. Dianne likes concerts 
and cooking. 

Lisa M. Rengucci, Spanish Club. 

Kevin M. Rennie, Baseball. 

Dianne M. Reilly 

Lisa M. Regucci 

Kevin M. Rennie 


Paula M. Reyenger 

Walter F. Rice, Golf, Photography 

Gloria ). Rich 

Richard A. Ries, Football, Basket- 
ball, Baseball, Ski Club, Student 

Council, National Honor Society, 
Key Club, Track. "Rick." 

Brian R. Robins, Band. Brian enjoys 
skiing and riding bikes. 

Ruth-Linda Rober, Pep Club, 
JMSVC, Drama Club, Gymnastics, 
Yearbook, Conservation Club, Bas- 

ketball, Swim Team, Majorette, Ed- 
itor of Journal, Powder Puff Foot- 
ball. Ruth is an avid sports fan and 
she enjoys going to concerts. She 
plans to get a college degree in 
Public Relations and Commercial 
Advertising. She works in Remick's 
and Montello's. 


Dauna E. Roche, Yearbook, Ski 
Club, Concert Choir, Journal Edi- 
tor, Honors. Dauna enjoys music 
and sailing. 

Robert Romano 

Josephine M. Rombola, Spanish 
Club. "Jo." 

Martha L. Ruggles, "lee." 
Alexander K. Sarhanis, Big Al en- 

joys cars, drag racing, mechanics, 
and C. B. Radio. 

Virginia M. Salmon 



Lynne A. Salvaggi, Spanish Club, 
Pep Club, Honors. 

Paula J. Sal vat ore 

Donald B. Sanford, Photography 
Club, Yearbook photographer, 
Reflections Photography Editor. 
"Hobbs" enjoys photography, 
music, and bike riding. 

Kathleen R. Sardina, Student 
Council, Honors. Kathy. 

Deborah A. Sargent, Child Care, 
High Honors. Sarge enjoys work- 
ing with children. 

Robert W. Savage, Chess Club, 
Chorus, Honors, and High 

Kathleen R. Sardina 

Deborah A. Sargent 

Robert W. Savage 


Lorraine M. Savoie, Lori has been 
on Honor Roll and is a member of 
the Pep Club and JMSVC. 

Jean M. Scannell, Scanel spends 
time listening to music, painting, 
drawing, and boy watching. Reflec- 
tor and "The Music Man." 

Stephen A. Schneider, Steve be- 

longs to the Detention Club. 

Debora L. Schofield, Conservation 
Club, Honors. Debbie enjoys 
swimming, basketball, and water- 
skiing. She works as a lifeguard 
during the summer. 

Joanne M. Schuler, Honors, Intra- 
mural Basketball, FBLA, Pep Club. 

Jo watches wrestling, basketball, 
and hockey. 

Jean F. Scolamiero, JMSVC, Sr. 
Nominating Comm. She enjoys lis- 
tening to music and getting things 
together with her friends. 

Lorraine M. Savoie 

Stephen A. Schneider 

Joanne M. Schuler 

lean M. Scannell 

Debora L Schofield 

lean F. Scolamiero 


ciety, Russian Club, Student Coun- 
cil, Future Teachers Club, Pep Club, 
Nominating Comm., Powder Puff 

Lawrence R. Sheppard, Music, eat- 
ing out, and girls are Larry's 


mural Basketball, FBLA, Pep Club. Jo 
watches wrestling, basketball, and 

Michael J. Scully, Skull enjoys boat- 
ing and works at Suburban T.V. His 
favorite saying is "School's Out! !" 

Frederick A. Seifert, Fred was our 
best man on detention and honors. 

Malcolm B. Sewell, Chess Club, and 
enjoys art and collects comics. 

Karen A. Sheehan, Bubbles has 
made Honors, National Honor So- 

William E. Shores Lorraine Silva Wayne G. Simpson 

William E. Shores, Pup-O partici- 
pates in Gymnastics, Weightlift- 
ing, Spring Track, and Baseball. 
He would rather be any place else 
than in school . 

Lorraine Silva, F.B.L.A. Lori skates 
and watches hockey. 

Wayne G. Simpson, Photography 

Elizabeth M. Skidmore, Liza plays 
basketball, belongs to the Pep 
Club, F.B.L.A., and played in the 
Powder Puff Football game. She 
enjoys watching hockey and soft- 
ball. Liza also bowls, cooks, and 
watches T.V. 

John J. Slatt, Joe is an avid skier. 
Mark Slattery, Hockey. 


Brian M. Smith 

Cheryl A. Smith 

Donald P. Smith 

Brian M. Smith, Cabinet making is 
"Sizzles" main activity, but to pass 
the time, he likes to play albums 
on his stereo and collect records. 

Cheryl A. Smith, Majorette, Bas- 
ketball. When not working at 
Dairy Queen, Cheryl knits, sews, 
watches T.V., and twirls the baton. 

Donald P. Smith 

)ames T. Smith, Ski Club, Gymnas- 
tics, Captain of Gymnastics during 
senior year. 

Roberta Smith, Robin's hobbies 
are swimming, boating, listening 
to the radio, watching T.V., cook- 
ing, making rings, and sewing. 

William L. Soper, Bill was presi- 
dent of the Conservation Club, on 
the Math Team, and Chairman of 
the Weymouth Recycling Comm. 
His hobbies are ecology, saving 
our environment, conservation, 
and stamp collecting. Bill plans to 
go to Northeastern University to 
major as a civil engineer, especial- 
ly in the field of environmental 

Roberta Smith 

William L. Soper 


Christine M. Spillane 

fames F. Stearns 

Steven M. Stearns 

James F. Stearns, "Ford" belongs 
to a golf league and works after 
school. He enjoys basketball and 
going to concerts. 

Steven M. Stearns 

Holly M. Stilphen, Holly's hobbies 
are sewing and knitting. 

John P. Stokes 

Gail Stonely, Gai! works after 
school at Lum's and likes good 


Robert B. Straz 

Brian P. Sullivan 

John J. Sullivan 

loseph Suppa 

Mary M. Sweeney 

lames M. Tagg 

Robert B. Straz, Track, Gymnastics. 
Bob's hobbies are collecting 
stamps and tropical fish. 

Brian P. Sullivan, Basketball, Base- 
ball, Tennis, Soccer, Lacrosse. Sully 
collects hockey books and is inter- 
ested in soccer and other sports. 

John J. Sullivan, Sully would like to 
be a mechanic after graduation. 

Joseph Suppa, Joe was one of the 
best persons on our wrestling 
team. He belongs to the Student 
Government. Suppa works at Car- 
roll's in Braintree and is planning to 

become an auto mechanic. 

Mary M. Sweeney 

James M. Tagg, Jim likes playing 
and watching football. He plans a 
career in metal work. 


lames B. 

Tansey, Wrestling, Mark P. Tedeschi 

Carlene M. Tardiff 
Gary D. Taylor 

Suzanne Thibodeau, Band, Con- 
cert Choir. Sue is interested in 

Paul D. Tirrel, Tex likes sports an 
making money. He belongs to th 
Student Government. 

Steven A. Tirrell, National Honor 
Society, Chess Club, Drama Club. 

Linda Torressen 

Jonathan M. lose, Band, Rotary 
Club Dance Band. "Opus." 

Michael ). Tracy, Cross Country, 
Captain, Basketball, Co-Captain, 
Spring Track, Jr. Usher, Honors. 
"Trace" plans to attend college 
and likes flying. 

Linda J. Tringale, Student Council, 
Project Part-Time. 

Car/ F. Trulson, Football, Winter 
Track, Spring Track. "Trulla" is an 
active member in CYO and would 
like to be a gym teacher. 

Michael ). Tracy 

Linda j. Tringale 

Carl F. Trulson 


Lauren A. Tuley, Law Club. Paul L. Turner, Football, Spring John M. Tusi, John works at New- 
Track, Chess Club, Weightlifting, ton Photo-Service and enjoys play- 
Thomas L. Tully, "Popey" worked Student Council, Band, Honors. ing the guitar in his spare time, 
for Better Homes & Improvement 


Kerry M. Valicenti, High Honors. 
Kerry works at Lum's and plans to 
attend college at Amherst . 

Susan K. Vaughan, Sue enjoys 
meeting people. 

Leo M. Venezia, Football, Spring 

Track, Winter Track, Wrestling, Key 
Club. When not selling parts for 
cars. Meatball enjoys fishing and 
reading sport magazines. 

James B. Venuti 

David W. Villanova, De-De likes to 

wrestle and to lift weights. Wres 
tling Team. 

Eileen A. Walker, Pep club, Intra 
mural Basketball, Honor Roll, Ei 
leen enjoys swimming. 

Kerry M. Valicenti 

Susan K. Vaughan 

Leo M. Venezia 

lames G. Venuti 

David W. Villanova 


Irving S. Walling, )r. Daniel /. Walsh Gary W. Walsh 

Irving S. Walling, Jr. Swirving en- 
joys Football, Band, Concert Choir, 
New England Music Festival, and 
Irv is interested in fishing and 
horseback riding. 

Daniel J. Walsh, Track, Photogra- 
phy Club, Chorus, Dan plays the 

Gary W. Walsh, LaCrosse, Chorus, 
Gary works at Suburban TV. 

Jane M. Ward, Girls' Basketball, 
Project Part Time, Sewing interests 

Timothy C. Warlick, Tim enjoys rid- 
ing in his GREEN MACHINE. 

Mark G. Warren, Captain of the 
Gymnastics, Playing his guitar and 
water skiing occupy Mark's spare 
time. He plans to attend a music 


Annmarie Welch, PEP CLUB, 
JMSVC, Swim Team, Nominating 

David J. Wencek, Dave likes Foot- 
ball, Conservation Club, Nomi- 
nating Committee, Amos plans to 
go into the service. He enjoys hik- 
ing, camping, swimming, reading, 
and music. 

Ann L. Williams, Rainbow, 

Deborah A. Williams, Debbie 
belongs to the Pep Club, Italian 
Club, Latin Club, and she is a 
member of the Drum and Bugle 


Karen E. Williams, Gymnastics, 
Karen works with leather crafts. 

Patricia A. Willis, Pat enjoys 
watching car races, camping, and 
walking on the beach. 

Deborah A. Williams 

Karen E. Williams 


Patricia A. Willis 


Joseph P. Wilson 

Daniel E. Winter 

Judith C. Witt 

Joseph P. Wilson, Joe. 

Daniel E. Winter, Dan works with 
motorcycles and would like to 
race in the future. He also plays 
the guitar. 

Judith C. Witt, Student Council . 

Stephanie C. Wolfert, High 

Ellis C. Wood 

Leslie E. Woods, Yearbook Staff, 
High Honors, Project Part Time. 
Leslie also tutors. Honors. 


Leslie E. Writese 

John R. Wyman 

David A. Younie jr. 

Deborah ]. Zella 

Robert E. Zerfoss 

Kim R. Zimmerman 

Leslie F. Writesel 

John R. Wyman, Hockey, La- 
Crosse, Soccer. 

David A. Younie, Jr., Riding Club, 
Bike Club, Chess Club, Photogra- 

phy Club, Buzzy works as an IMC 
aide, he enjoys Bowling and 
Chess the most. 

Deborah J. Zella, Debbie enjoys 
horseback riding. 

Robert E. Zerfoss, Football, Win- 
ter Track, Spring Track. 

Kim R. Zimmerman, National 
Honor Society. 


Wayne W. Anderson, Hockey 
Team, National Honor Society, 

William j. Bates, German Club, 
Billy enjoys working on cars, foot- 

ball, and the Electro-Switch Hock- 
ey Team. 

Thomas Bradley 

Terrence M. Brennan 

Deborah A. Corriea 

Francis E. Crowley, Frank feels 
school situations could be 

Wayne W. Anderson 

William j. Bates 

Deborah A. Corriea 

Francis E. Crowley 


Carolyn Daley, Yearbook Sales 

Paul Donavan 

Michael J. Keiley, Mike is look- 
ing forward to graduation . 

Susan M. Kelly, Student Council, 
Girls' Track, Cross Country, Latin 
Club, Spanish Club, Girls' Bas- 
ketball, Ski Club, Tennis, Powder 
Puff Football Game, Pep Club, 

Judith A. Hause, Honors. Judy 
enjoys snowskiing and sewing. 


Patricia Marston 

Ronald L. Merrill 

Charles E. Sanders 

Patricia Marston, Pat. 
Ronald L. Merrill, Band. 
Charles E. Sanders 
Paul Sprague 

Stewart Anderson, Chorus. 

Wesley Anderson, Wes belongs to Ski 
Club and enjoys bike touring. 

Robert D. Beady 

Dana E. Benton 

Robert G. Cogswell, Bob likes Christ- 
mas and birthdays. 

Kim M. Conroy 

Deamie T. DeChellis, Chuck likes say- 
ing, "I'm ready." 

Kathleen M. DiFazio, "Tarts." 

Diane R. Gorham, J.M.S.V.C., 

David Jordan 

Douglas A. Kehoe, "Puck." Sopho- 
more Football, Key Club, Student 
Council, JV Hockey, Doug enjoys art. 

Debra A. Kewer 

Susan M. Kilroy, Gymnastics, Journal 
Staff. Sue likes being happy. 

Elaine M. LeBarre, Drama Club, Con- 

servation Club, Basketball 

Ralph J. Lee, LaCrosse, Soccer, Chess 
Club, Honors. 

Robert E. Linden 

James W. Moodie, Golf. 

Patricia M. Murphy 

Cheryl L. Norton, Ski Club. 

Brian E. O'Connor, Track, LaCrosse, 
Hockey. Brian enjoys partying and out- 
side sports. 

Mark E. Owen, Mark received two 
merit awards in cabinet making and 
works repairing boats. 

Thomas M. Page, Tom. Tennis Club, 
Chess Club. 

Gail A. Perry 

Roberta C. Poulos, Dolly likes music, 
writing, chess, tennis, reading, and the 
Marx Brothers. Band, Chess Club, 

Judith E. Pratt, Photography and parties 
are among Judy's favorite passtimes. 

Edward K. Ruth 

Barbara Samulski, Vice President Dra- 
ma Club, National Honor Society, Pro- 
ject Part Time, Honors. 

Michael A. Woodford 

Paul Sprague 







FRONT, L. TO R.: L. Venezia, C. Trulson, R. Donadio, Co-Capt's. — D. DeLuca, G. Liset, D. Germain, R. Powell. ROW 2, L. TO R.: mangr. D. 
Wencek, Coach MacDonald, C. Behning, J. Allen, A. Yanizzi, S. MacLeod, T. McNamara, T. Higgins, S. Curry, P. Turner, R. Zerfoss, F. Loud, S. 
Rossner, M. Ziegler, Coach MacPherson. ROW 3, L. TO R.: H. Pratt, T. Rober, Barry Keefe, D. Ries, S. McAnn, ). Bean, Brian Keefe, J. Jamie- 
son, R. Bouley, J. Haslam, R. Hawes, T. Farrell, M. Leahy, J. LeLievre. 





FIRST ROW L. TO R.: V. Pizzano, R. McHugh, D. DeLuca, P. Bonarrigo, R. Powell, R. Zerfoss, D. Minahan, D. Madden. 2nd ROW: O. Cavallo, 
R. Grandfield, R. Evans, G. Wilfert, R. Colleran, T. Vorderer, T. Gaeta, S. Aurelio. 3rd ROW: Assist, coach P. Fuller, C. Breen, J. Hoit, J. Feld- 
man, R. Bouley, B. Fratus, L. Venezia, S. Oliverio, Coach D. O'Leary. 

1st ROW L. TO R.: Capt. M. Tracy, C. Medcaff, T. Vorderer, R. Steele, D. Reddish, J. Carey, T. Harrington, R. McHugh. 2nd ROW L. TO R.: J. 
Baker, R. Cavallo, S. Oliverio, M. Connolly, J. Bates, M. McClellan, C. Breen, J. Baulis. 3rd ROW: Coach K. McDonough, M. Fay, R. Grand- 
field, L Ranstrom, P. Davenport, S. Dyson, Coach P. Fuller. 



FRONT L TO R: A. Wellock, A. Welch, P. Binney, G. Sinkiewicz. ROW 2 L TO R: Coach L. Gould, N. Walsh, K. Bettle, 
J. Chaput, R. Cavallo, R. Rober. ROW 3 L TO R: J. Cashman, M. Bennet, A. O'Connor, M. Curran, D. Cassese, D. Rus- 
sell. ROW4L TO R: M. Miller, B. Noonan, J. O'Sullivan, ). Pierce, S. Bergfor, D. Ouellet. 





ROW 7. t. to R.: R. Griffin, G. Cameron, |. Mathurin. ROW 2: J. 
strom, M. Dempsey, C. Medcalf, C. Lowell, K. Bigelow. 



ROW 1: L. to R.: L. Lambrose, V. Kelly, B. Miller. ROW 2: J. Sullivan, L. 
Bronson, ). Figueiredo, K. Duff. ROW 3: M. Norve, K. Brown, D. Tufts, P. 


ROW 1: L. to R.: M. Reddish, M. Tracy, L. Ranstrom. 
ROW 2: P. Quintin, D. Reddish, R. Steele, B. Keefe. 
ROW 3: Assist. Coach D. Gavin, G. Liset, J. Jamieson, 
M. McBrine, S. Langhorst, R. Ries, Coach S. Gregg. 


1st ROW: L. to R.: M. Bresnahan, P. Bettle, J. Robinson. 2nd 
ROW: J. Loud, J. Carey, R. Aurelio. 3rd ROW: D. Dalton, S. 
Harrison, M. Bianco, G. Donovan, Coach D. Gavin. 



FIRST ROW: L. TO R.: P. Kelly, B. Dempsey, D. Bailey, M. Holden, ). Wyman, D. Follett, M. Devine, M. Fay. SECOND ROW: D. Goggin, 
G. Gomer, P. Leahy, K. Gray, S. Knowles, R. Balchunas, D. Walker, J. Keefe, B. Keefe, W. Anderson, M. Rennie, M. Haley, Coach K. 


1st ROW: L. to R.: P. Reggio, P. Josephine, J. Perette, D. Bailey, L. Martin, M. Rennie. 2nd ROW: Coach Ghiorse, T. Melody, K. Barnes, 
3. Johnson, A. Gentile, K. Shields, B. Sandbarg, S. Olsson, C. Cazeault, B. Logue, P. MacEachern, M. Leahy, J. Cazeault, J. Murray, M. 
Kalaiiian, B. Jetter. 


WRESTLING, 1st ROW L. TO R.: O'Connor, R. Andrews, D. McKenna, Co-capt. D. Villanova, L. Cicchesse. 2nd ROW: Coach D. 
Ouellet, M. Ouellet, J. Sardina, R. Donadio, F. Loud, J. Cillan, R. Hawes, T. Brennen, Assist. Coach Castognozzi. 




FRONT ROW L. TO R. D. Catrambone, R. Crowley, K. Mulhern, L. Cashmain, ). Blanchard, 2nd 
ROW: G. Anderson, M. Fox, E. Fasino, 3rd ROW: K. Chapman, S. Mcnamee, Mrs. Totman, 


1st ROW L. TO R.: Director Mrs. Mosca, M. O'Sullivan, K. Coyle, J. Scannell. 2nd ROW 
Davenport, B. O'Neil, S. Cummings. 

It Walks At Midnight 

ROW 1 L TO R: K. Casal, G. Anderson, C. Connor, K. Dunphy. ROW 2: N. Dwyer, R. Fitzpatric, N. Coulsey, K. Bardon. ROW 3: K. 
Chapman, C. Doyle, A. Pinault, L. Piller. ROW 4: K. Zimmerman, S. Carlson, K. Kerwin, J. Kelley. ROW 5: K. Sheehan, M. Mc- 
Clellan, K. Meade. ROW6: C. Deveau, Mrs. Kalaijian, S. Manning, C. Byrne, B. Keegan, R. Ries, J. Feldman, R. Clement, P. Leo. 


ROW 7 L TO R: L. Center, J. Bates, S. Bates. ROW 2: W. Bates, L. Cicchesse, K. Hamilton, L. Coche, D. 







mieson, B. Sullivan, T. Higgins, |. Horgan, L. Ranstrom, F. Coyle, j. Kelly. 

!!.!»! ME 

Pep Club 

l! ^iIiT" ii i * II 

1st ROW E Pendergast, D. Morgan, F. Nesson. K. Sheehan, E. Walker, P. A.emian, R. Cavallo, M. Costello, A. Welch, E. Skidmore, C. Camer- 
on, E. Mangherini, K. Bettle, R. Rober, K. Mascaro, E. Reed, Miss Kelleher. 














ROW 7 L. TO R.: K. Sheehan, K. Donadio, D. Coon, S. Hamilton, E. Finn. ROW 2: Miss Perry, M. Doyle, R. Howe, J. Feldman, L. Bowen, K. 
Meade, R. Pope. 






ROW 7 L. TO R.: E. O'Neill, K. Donadio, J. Baulis, M. McCarthy, ROW 2: Mrs. Johansson. ROW 3: L. Ellison, L. Aiemian, J. Bradv, A. 
Zigler, C. Garafalo, S. Gould. ROW 4: R. Barzelay, M. Masison, D. Wilbery, W. McDonald, R. Howe. 



3: P. Sallaway, S. Manning. 

ROW 7 L TO R: M. McCarthy, C. Hass, N. Coulsey, K. Bardon, S. Chase. ROW 2: Mrs. Moss, D. Studley, B. Murphy, L. DeMeo, 
H. Beckley, K. Lambe, L. Alemian, P. Cronin, M. Marks, L. Bowen. ROW 3: D. Scholl, E. Kelly, N. Clark, J. Pumphrey, K. Dun- 
phy, M. Anderson. 




ROW 7 L TO R: G. Henley, G. Connor, J. Abbott, T. Dalto, F. Ives. ROW 2. V P. N. Coulsey, L. Bronson, ). 
George, P. Wolfe, C. MacDonnell, T. Martinsen, L. Lambrose. ROW 3. Sec. ). Feldman, Pres. C. Byrne, L. 
Bowen, K. Mascaro, B. Soper. ROW 4: M. Ziegler, Advisor Miss McDonald. Missing Treas. P. Leo, Advisor 
Mr. Green. 

Chess Club 


Student Council 

L TO R: M. Ouellet, J. Crowley, L. Venezia, S. Ambler, Mr. Egan, P. Alemian, N. White, M. Lydon, P. Turner, J. Nourse, J. Chaput, M. Viau, P. Rosser, 
K. Lambe, T. Burnett, D. Powers, D. Cattrambone, M. Hutchinson, J. Ashland, D. Russell. 

Congratulations to the Class of 1974 
My sincerest wishes to each graduate for continued success in the future. 



We specialize in: 
Brakes, Springs, Shocks, Tune-ups, Mufflers. 

• Relining • Alignment • Balancing • 


21 Newcomb Street 


DAYS 335-9723 



770 Bridge St. Rte. 3A 
No. Weymouth, Mass. 


Murley s 

Bridge Street 
North Weymouth 

"Bringing the best in flowers." 


231 Washington St. 
Weymouth Landing 

Jackson Square 
Paint and Wallpaper Co., Inc. 

1436 Pleasant Street 
E. Weymouth, MA 02189 


Congratulations to the Class of 1974 

Consulting Engineers 


8 Washington Place 
Braintree, MA 02184 

Fred Valicenti 

Plumbing - Heating - Gas Fitting 

Remodeling Specialists 



337-41 66 
(Evenings) 337-3660 






17 Front Street 
Weymouth, Mass. 02188 


Meats, Fish, and Vegetables 

Nine Sea Street 
N. Weymouth, MA 02191 


24 hour towing 
insurance work estimates 
complete collision work 

134 East St., 

Weymouth Heights 335-9671 



Family Drug 

Senior Citizen Discount 


587 North Street 
E. Weymouth, Moss. 





47 Washington Street 
Weymouth Landing, Mass. 


383 Bridge Street 

North Weymouth, Mass. 



Paul DuRoss 

525 Bridge St., 8L Weymouth 
open: 9 (o 9 335-9436 

Serving the community 
since 1910 

North Weymouth 
Co-operative Bank 

35 Sea Street 
North Weymouth, Mass. 02191 


Complete floral service 
Corsages, Weddings, All Occasions 
"We grow our own flowers. " 


Free Delivery 

3he &totditnatt 


Us Ftr Prtntt Servle* Oe 




Cameras, Projector* & Accessories 

337-8070 OPEN DAILY 3 -t 



252 Bridge Street 
N. Weymouth, MA 02191 




Condominiums overlooking the bay. 

285 River Street, 
North Weymouth, Massachusetts 02191 

(617) 335-3038 

to the Class of '74 


74-76 Sea Street 
North Weymouth 

Hay Print 
Formal Press 

48 Sea St., N. Weymouth 

proprietor: print class of 1928 

H. S. Roberts W.V.S.P. 


Sheet metal workers 

72 Charles Street, E. Weymouth, MA 02189 

Home office 

Cape Cod office | 




Compliments of a friend 


Bra-Wey Florists 
J.T. Cazeault and Sons Hardware 
Our Friends 
Jackson Square Pharmacy 
David C. MacDonald 
Frank Mckenney 
Armen H. Halband D.M.D.